2015 Organization Plan  From the day of establishment to December 31st, 2015

2015 Organization Plan
From the day of establishment to December 31st, 2015

1. Direction of the organization of projects
Under the common recognition that the performing arts is essential to the formation of a rich civic society, the NPO will conduct some research and studies to make proposals for improvement of the creative environment of performing arts and for public cultural policy. Each committee project, organized by the members, will follow the track of activities conducted in these 2 years as a voluntary organization. They will explore a new form as a network organization, and it should gradually develop a new administration system and reflect it on the operational level. Not only for this year’s Asian meeting, the organization intends to establish the foundation to run as an international network, which will serve for the following year and future.

Project name / contents / dates / venue / number of participants / target / project budget (in 1,000JPY)

Committee Projects
To have a deeper understanding of various problems concerned in the field of performing arts today, and to promote discussions among the members.
March, April, June, August, October, November, December
Tokyo, Shizuoka, Yokohama, Kochi, Kyoto, 9, About 150 members and other practitioners in the area, 600

To put a focus on the concerns in the field of contemporary performing arts and to share with the others who are not necessarily involved in the performing arts practice.
October (TBD), TBD, 5, About 50 members and about 100 general participants, 200

Asia Satellite Meeting
To hold international meetings with common concerns in Asia, and to create networking opportunities.
September, Gwangju, Korea, 5, About 30 members and other practitioners in the area, 7,000

Asia Producers’ Platform Camp in Taiwan
7-days camp for research, networking, and meeting with participants from Korea, Taiwan, Australia, and other areas in Asia.
December, Taiwan, 5, About 40 participants from all over the worlds and other practitioners in the area, 1,000

Other projects
Members produced events
Related events and projects organized by the proposal of the members.
Irregular, various places in Japan, 2, 0

Report to members and open information sharing
Various events will be reported. Website will be available.
All the year, 6, 350

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