fiber_manual_recordAbout ON-PAM

This network is established in February 2013 to look into the future, 10 or 20 years ahead, with the consideration of current situation surrounding our society and performing arts, as well as what took place in the preceding decades. By building a national and international network and effectively maintaining it, with the individuals who work closely with society as presenters, producers or managers of performing arts to connect artists/artistic groups and the audience, we will try to define and raise the recognition towards the social role of contemporary performing arts and to advocate on cultural policies, aiming to contribute to the benefit of performing arts and society as a whole. In order to accomplish such aim, we create a membership network that is an “open network” and, unlike an association or a project consortium, it will connect all the members horizontally.

What is Open Network? * Non-hierarchical network with a horizontal structure.

Open network

This refers to a non-hierarchical network with a horizontal structure. Through the process of mutually understanding different activities and different cultures of the members, this network creates new values and can be sustained organically. The membership can be renewed easily and the members are free to enter, exist and come back again if needed.

Project consortium

This is a network formed for particular purposes and it terminates when the project ceases. It is often seen when several theatres work together to organise a tour or to joint-commission a piece.


This is a type of organisation with hierarchical structures. A leader is in the centre of forming a collective will.

Press Release

Download a PDF of ON-PAM press release.