【Changed information at Sep.8】ON-PAM Meeting in Gwangju, Korea will be on Spetember 9-11, 2015

Greeting from Japan, it is very hot!

ON-PAM Meeting in Gwangju, Korea will be on Spetember 9-11, 2015

The meeting is open for not only the members but also any performing arts people! Please join us, and let your colleagues know!

■ON-PAM Meeting in Gwangju, Korea
Date: September 9-11
Venue: meeting spaces at Asia Culture Center, Gwangju, Korea
Running by ON-PAM
Co-host organizer: Asian Arts Theatre(AAT)/ Japan Center, Pacific Basin Arts Communication (PARC)
Co-operate organizer: IETM
Supported:Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)

Contact:Hiromi Maruoka

Language:korean-Japanese translation only, except ◎Round Table with IETM” What is contemporary in Asia”
Regarding English translation, some members are supporting.

ON-PAM Asian meeting@ ATT, Gwanguju. You can join without registration!

Opening note What is AAT program by the director of AAT
Venue:Training Room 4  (ACC Archive & Research)
Speaker:Seong hee Kim

14:30-16:00 ◎Round Table with IETM” What is contemporary in Asia” moderating by Kee-Hong Low (Hong Kong)
with English translation

14:00-17:30 New Korean Ways of Creation

After the first session about « what is contemporary in Asia », in this second session, we’ll focus on what happens in a new generation of artists in Korea. The Asian Arts Theatre of Gwangju is already becoming a very important meeting point for leading Korean artists and producers who are making extraordinary multidisciplinary works. And to realize them, they had to invent their own way to create their works. In these sessions, we’ll invite some of these Korean artists and producers to present their works in order to understand « what they wanted to do » and « how they made it ». Afterwards, we’ll organize an Informal Reception in order to know better each other!

venue: ACC (Asian Culture Complex) Archive & Research, Meeting Room 2

14:00-15:40 1 – Artists
– Kyung ae Ro / Contemporary Dance Choreographer
– Hyun Joon Jang / Contemporary Art (Performance)
– Jungmin Yi + Shiu Jin / Okin Collective, Artists

15:50-17:30 2 – Producers / Open Discussion
– Hyunjin Kim / Curator, Former President of Arko Art Center
– Haeju Kim / Curator, Scene/Asia
(Korean-Japanese translators are provided.)
17:30-19:00 Informal Reception at Kunst Lounge

moderated by: Yoshiji Yokoyama & Hyojin Kuh



”The New Form of the Creative Producer in Korea and Japan: the Essential Skills and Career Plans”

While producers have been recognized as an essential role in the fields of the performing arts both in Korea and Japan. However its human resource development and working environment has not been developed yet. We will discuss about the skills and career development which is necessary for the creative producer with 5 producers from Japan and Korea.

venue: ACC (Asian Culture Complex) Archive & Research, Meeting Room 2

Jooyoung Koh (Independent produer)
Hiromi Maruoka (Director, Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama / President, Pacific Basin Arts Communication )
Akane Nakamura ( Executive Producer, Precog / Executive Board Member, Non Profit Organization DRIFTERS INTERNATIONAL )
Jisun Park (Producer Group DOT / Asia Producers’ Platform[APP])
Yeon Woo (Ex-general director, LIG Arts Foundation)
Facilitator: Yuko Uematsu (Explat)

** You can see the shows of Opening Festival AAT. AAT is kindly offering 50%off discount tickets to participants.

■Opening Festival AAT site

— IETM Asia Satellite meeting will be held between 9/7-9

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