2013 Activity Plan of Working Committee on International Exchange

ON-PAM | 特定非営利活動法人舞台芸術制作者オープンネットワーク



■About an Activity

1. To discuss about problems that members are facing, thinking, what to expect in the future, and things to improve while taking part in international exchange.

 (1) Gathering and organizing information (for example, to create a calendar of overseas festival or market, become a liaison of overseas company willing to do performance in Japan.
(2) Case studies by invited lecturer.
(3) Study and presentation of case study from the member.
(4) Hold study group and learn about subsidy of the Agency of Cultural Affairs and The Japan Foundation, a law (for example, Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act), and others related.
(5) Proposal of improvement of a system with Working Committee on Cultural Policy

 2. To create an opportunity for an  individual ON-PAM member to exchange with overseas producers/creators  and to participate in overseas festival, market, and meeting (to develop producer’s mobility)

(1) To introduce an opportunity for individual producers to participate in (festival,market, meeting, and etc.)
(2) To plan a project that promotes exchange between an individual producer.
(3)  To introduce and use mobility fund to develop member’s mobility.

 3. ON-PAM as an International Network

(1) To create a scheme to develop producer’s mobility (for example, mobility funds).
(2) To create a base of ON-PAM in oversea.
(3) To prepare to hold a meeting in Asia in year 2014

4. Creation of Study Group and  Sectional Meeting to carry out above plans.

■ Yearly Schedule (Tentative)

・The 2nd Annual Committee Meeting: Around June, interim report of each group/ sectional meeting.
To hold a study group at a same time (theme is decided in the 1st Annual Committee Meeting)

・The 3rd Annual Committee Meeting: Autumn, final report.

・Briefing Session: February of 2014, to hold ON-PAM General Meeting at a same time.